REVIEW: Berry Lenses Dolly Brown

ImageHello Guys! Today imma do a quick review about the Berry Lenses which i got from SaranghaeFashionWearon facebook.


These are the Dolly Brown lenses , it has 16mm diameter but it gives an illusion of 19mm. These are good for 1 year use and it is certified safe and authentic from Korea ^^Image



Here’s my eyes without the contacts on:


Yea pretty much, my eyes isn’t that much big.

See the difference when i wear these lenses on here:


yeah guys, it made my eyes really big!  Upon putting them on, i didnt had a hard time wearing the, it feels comfortable to the eyes 🙂


So my eyes went really dolly big and brown. These are my eyes with the lenses and without eye make up..Image


With eye make up, these will make your eyes pop! ❤ taken with a camera flash, you can see the lenses’ design and color more vivid.


Using a low light no flash camera, here’s my random selca, its still making my eyes do the talking ❤Image


Overall, i give Berry Lenses Dolly Brown design 4/5 Stars ****

I could wear the lenses for 8 hours, but yeah it isnt advisable to wear them for that long. 😀

The design is quite good, it really enlarges the Eyes and changes our iris colour.

So far when putting them, i didnt experience eye irritations, and i could easily pinch them out when taking them of. i could barely feel the lenses on my eyes though the lenses are not too thick.

These lenses are really perfect for Ulzzang styles and Cosplays. You guys might wanna try it.




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